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FESSFunctional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
FESSFurther Education Support Service (est. 1997; Ireland)
FESSFamily Economic Self Sufficiency (women's economic project)
FESSFlywheel Energy Storage System
FESSFire Emblem Sanctuary of Strategy (forum)
FESSFacilities Engineering Supply System
FESSFacilities and Equipment Support Services
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Fesschain is developing a DApps platform, where individuals and enterprises with an idea can build a product quickly with the use of FESS fast and safe platform.
Since their first vineyard planting in 1989, the Fess Parker family has operated in Santa Barbara County.
One of the most threatening scenarios after FESS is mucocele development because of the associated visual and neurologic risks.
Conclusion: Endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) was found 91.7% successful as primary treatment and 100% with revision surgeryof orbit and skull base diseases.
A removable stent is placed after the FESS surgery that keeps the sinus cavity open for up to 28 days for the sinus tissue to heal.
In the following section, we will review three representative score space approaches: free energy score space (FESS) [8], posterior divergence (PD) [9] and sufficient statistics (SS) [13].
The objective of this study was to assess the efficacy of FESS in the treatment of primary and recurrent nasal polyposis in our setup in comparison with published studies.
Alongside the promotion of Fess, Robert Brown, currently senior vice president and team leader and with Brookline Bank since September 2010, will advance to head up the bank's commercial real estate group.
Fess has over 25 years of banking experience with a diverse lending background.
In our study maxillary, anterior ethmoid, posterior ethmoid, frontal, and sphenoid were diseased in 92%, 74%, 36%, 8%, 18% and 94%, 78%, 38%, 10%, 18% cases on right and left sides in CT scan, whereas they showed 18%, 74%, 20%, 0%, 2% and 22%, 68%, 24%, 0%, 2% cases on right and left side in endoscopy during FESS. In Sheetal D et al.
Fess Parker played the fabled 19th-century frontiersman in a series of five programmes that were broadcast as part of the Disneyland television series.
Fess Parker Hotel, Santa Barbara THE WELCOME First sight of the hotel came as we cruised along a wide palm-tree lined boulevard right by the Pacific.