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FIBSFirst Internet Backgammon Server
FIBSFederazione Italiana Baseball Softball
FIBSFalkland Islands Broadcasting Station (now Falkland Islands Radio Service; public radio)
FIBSFreiburg International Business School (Freiburg, Germany)
FIBSFinnish Business and Society
FIBSFinnish International Baccalaureate Society
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FIBS provides free consultancy services of Sudan's volatile market to its customers.
Chiou told Laboratory Equipment that the FIB is a very powerful tool in modern day scientific and engineering research, and AIMLab has two of the most advanced and fully equipped FIBs in the nation.
There are many features that distinguish FIBS from the other banks on the continent.
Almost all Britons (91%) have told a lie at some point in their lives, with a quarter (25%) saying they will "happily" tell a fib if they think it will not hurt anyone, the survey for confused.
But the latest generation of chips have linear dimensions at least 10 times larger than the on-chip devices previously studied with FIB.
FARRELL, Darren Doug-Dennis and the Flyaway FIB Scholastic, 2010 unpaged $14.
Researchers say there is no link between telling fibs in childhood and any tendency to cheat in exams or to become a fraudster later in life.
But 75 per cent agreed it was OK to fib to save someone's feelings.
The No1 fib for both sexes is 'Nothing's wrong, I'm fine'.