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FIDFestival Internacional de Diseno (Spanish: International Design Festival)
FIDFlame Ionization Detector
FIDFlat Incline Decline (exercise equipment)
FIDFeathered Kid (birds)
FIDFinancial Institutions Development
FIDFédération Internationale du Diabète (French: International Diabetes Federation)
FIDFederated Identity Service (computing)
FIDFree Induction Decay
FIDForeign Internal Defense
FIDFile Identifier Descriptor
FIDFilter Identifier
FIDFrequency Id
FIDFormat Indicator
FIDFace ID (Identification; Apple iPhone)
FIDFinal Investment Decision
FIDFinancial Investment Decision (various organizations)
FIDFur Is Dead
FIDFirearms Identification (card)
FIDFoire Internationale du Dessin (French: International Exhibition of Drawing)
FIDFinancial Institutions Duty (Australia)
FIDFault Isolation Device
FIDFederation Internationale de Documentation
FIDFormat Identifier
FIDFédération Internationale d'information et de Documentation
FIDField Identifier
FIDFeature Identification
FIDFonds d'Intervention pour le Développement (French: Development Intervention Fund; Madagascar)
FIDFixed Income Division
FIDFremantle International Distribution
FIDFormat Identification
FIDFinished Inside Depth (engineering tolerance)
FIDFirst in Defense (motto/nickname for USS Forrestal)
FIDForeign Income Dividend
FIDFile Identifier Descriptor (CD-R)
FIDFrequency Identifier (computing)
FIDFunction Identifier
FIDFrame Identifier
FIDFederacion Internacional de Domino (Spanish: International Domino Federation)
FIDFormación Integral Docente (Spanish: Comprehensive Teacher Training; Chile)
FIDField Interface Device
FIDForce Identification
FIDFondation Internationale pour Le Développement (French: International Foundation for Development)
FIDFrom Invoice Date
FIDFault Insertion Device
FIDFederal Identifier
FIDFormat Identification Data
FIDFault Isolation Detection
FIDForest Inspection Division
FIDFault Isolation Diagnostics
FIDForce Integration Division (usually in G3 Operations office)
FIDFailure Identifier
FIDFlight Instrumentation Division
FIDFeature Identification Data
FIDForeign Intelligence Defense
FIDFunctional Interface Document
FIDFunctional Interface Drawing
FIDFixed Induction Date (US DoD)
FIDField Induction Date
FIDFully Integrated Delivery
FIDFault Indicator Directory
FIDForeign Identification Designator (munitions)
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The risk of hypoglycemia over the 3-hour period was not significantly different, at 22 events with carbohydrate counting and 32 events with the FID (33% vs.
Stefan Oltean believes that deictics of place and time--which show from whose point of view the narration is reported--are indicatives of FID. Near deictics like "now" and "here"--which are signs of DD when used in a discourse other than DD--can be regarded as indications of FID.
Country Teams, as well as mastery of FID, SFA, and advanced intelligence operations.
Fid: I actually did work at an ad agency up until recently, but I got laid off right before tour.
Diversas investigaciones han dirigido su trabajo a observar la relacion entre FID y TDAH.
The NLNG MD said the company would be relying on the usual invaluable support from the corporation to achieve the successful execution of the Train-7 FID project and lots more.
"The Anadarko-led Area 1 Mozambique LNG project has come a long way from our first discovery to FID for the construction of the initial two-train development project.
The FID office in this regard intimated government and private hospitals operating in the city, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), district health officer, National Institute of Health, Drugs Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, distributers and sellers of the medicines.
After they are resolved, the firm will move to secure the Final Investment Decision, which was planned to have been done by the end of the year."Concluding these issues with the government this quarter is a critical FID enabler," Tullow Oil Kenya boss Martin Mbogo said in an email interview.
The main goal of the present work was to develop a simple and reliable analysis method for the detection of contamination by either hydraulic fluid or a mixture of both in jet fuels at a concentration of at least 1 ppm using mass spectrometry (MS) or flame ionization detector (FID).