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THEFCTwain Harte Evangelical Free Church (Twain Harte, CA)
THEFCField Capacity (EPA)
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Plants were kept at 80% field capacity for 30 days after planting, after which the application of different water content treatments was started.
There is no physical concept in the base of the head-based definition of FC, therefore, we followed Assouline and Or (2014), who proposed a critical capillary head value, [h.sub.FC], instead of 100 or 330 cm to represent the soil field capacity matric head:
At the Davis site, a small portion of the applied water for each treatment (low: 4 ft; high: 6 ft) was used to fill empty pore space in the soil profile, and as the water application progressed, water-filled pore space increased from field capacity (water retained in soil by gravity) to saturation (freely drainable water) (O'Geen 2012).
Irrigation water was applied to bring the soil moisture up to field capacity, considering the effective root zone depth.
The use of the 8 -row, self-propelled paddy transplanter in Kashmir valley revealed that the operation of the 8- row manual paddy transplanter was satisfactory in the field and its field capacity was 0.093 and 0.095 ha/h with a field efficiency of 78 and 80 percent for the University's field and farmer's field, respectively.
Although comprehensive studies have been conducted, it is still lack of a convenient way to estimate the structural field capacity of the bolted steel plates in steel jacketing that can account for the influence of the local buckling effect, especially a simple formula that can be used in the strengthening design practice.
The fuel consumption was computed in liters per hour and liters per acre and the effective field capacity (EFC) of the implements was measured in acre per hour respectively.
Pinus taeda has high transpiration rates when the soil moisture is close to field capacity, but under conditions of water stress, the crop reduces transpiration rates, suggesting an adaptive mechanism (Trinidad, Hernandez, Orozco, & Upton, 2002).
Four levels of drought stress, in the amount of 100% of field capacity (without stress)--75%, 50% and 25% of field capacity, were applied.
"It is also a natural phenomenon in the oil business, that the more you produce, the more you deplete your reserves and the more rapidly your field capacity declines.
The minister, during the meeting, affirmed Sudan's support to Somalia, especially, in the field capacity building and humanitarian aid, affirming the necessity for concentration on accompanying all the components of the Somali community in the political process .
at 80% of field capacity (optimum watered) 60% and 40% of field capacity (water d eficit) conditions.