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Today, NORAD fighter interceptor duty officers also execute the commander's strategic planning and tasking guidance in times of increased tensions or threat.
By mid-December 1950, he flew the first of 61 missions with American #334 Fighter Interceptor Squadron in support of B-29 heavy bombers.
Bolt flew with the Black Sheep Squadron in World War II and later the Air Force in the 39th Fighter Interceptor Squadron in Korea.
The 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing (FIW), flying F-86As, hurriedly deployed to South Korea and began operations from Kimpo Airfield in December.
After 89 missions with VMF-115, he got a 90-day assignment with the 39th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing.
433rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron Oct 13-16, 2016, Fairborn, OH.
496TH FIGHTER INTERCEPTOR SQUADRON April 28 - May 1, 2014, Myrtle Beach, SC.
F-86 Sabres of the 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing by Warren Thompson.
They flew exclusively with either the USAF's 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing (FIW) at Kimpo or the 51st FIW at Suwon.
On 4 July 1989, the pilot of a MiG-23 fighter interceptor assigned to an aviation unit of the Northern Group of Forces during a training mission had to eject immediately after takeoff and survived.
The 319th Fighter Interceptor Squadron does have its own veterans group that covers from the Korean War until the squadron was de-activated in 1977.
Historical Record of the 319th Fighter Interceptor Squadron (ADC), 1 January 30 September 1964.