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FILMSFunctional Integrated Library Management System
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It was more like an illusion, like a blurring film that had spread abruptly over his eyes.
The change, though it was made without noise, drew back the film from the placid look at the white ceiling, and he looked most affectionately at me.
But I know that as I worked at it, every flake and film of colour seemed to me to reveal my secret.
it was cruel to think how thin a film had shut out rescue from all this guilt and misery.
Then, indeed, it may be humbly hoped that the film which has been spread by the subtleties of earthly arguments will be dissipated by the spiritual light of Heaven; and that our hour of probation, by the aid of divine grace, being once passed in triumph, will be followed by an eternity of intelligence and endless ages of fruition.
Overhead, a film of southerly drifting mist draws a theatrical gauze across the firmament.
For some months I had been ill in health, but was now convalescent, and, with returning strength, found myself in one of those happy moods which are so precisely the converse of ennui - moods of the keenest appetency, when the film from the mental vision departs - the "PL> 0 BDT ,B­,L - and the intellect, electrified, surpasses as greatly its every-day condition, as does the vivid yet candid reason of Leibnitz, the mad and flimsy rhetoric of Gorgias.
Then I guessed what the film was--/Twala's body was being transformed into a stalactite.
But the Nightingale's voice grew fainter, and her little wings began to beat, and a film came over her eyes.
The morning was sufficiently bright to make the chairs and sofas in Lady Otway's private sitting-room appear more than usually shabby, and the gallant gentlemen, her brothers and cousins, who had defended the Empire and left their bones on many frontiers, looked at the world through a film of yellow which the morning light seemed to have drawn across their photographs.
The thought had the same sort of physical discomfort as is caused by a film of mist always coming between the eyes and the printed page.
But in her dream he had rent the film that obscures the Neverland, and she saw Wendy and John and Michael peeping through the gap.