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FILTERFocusing Images for Learning and Teaching an Enriched Resource (database; UK)
FILTERFiltration and Irrigated Cropping for Land Treatment and Effluent Reuse
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Sand was getting through this filter so we taped a second filter over it to double its protection.
I've heard more than one homeowner say that it seems like their filter takes forever to get dirty.
Within the dependency constraints, Diamond is free to execute the filters in any order and is set up to automatically discover efficient filter orderings.
You have to filter the water to make sure you can run the test, but then you have to test the filter.
With the proven benefits, recent developments have focused on combining the two techniques--placing the inoculant inside the filter, which then is placed within the gating system.
The conventional particle filter is therefore relieved of load and can be kept more compact if required.
While this is not equivalent to the home air filters that cost hundreds of dollars, it does filter air rapidly and remove a considerable amount of foreign material from it.
Even after it lost its challenge of CIPA, the ALA demanded that Web filter creators be explicit about what is blocked and what criteria are being used.
STRENGTHENING AN INFRASTRUCTURE, "Over Time, the 'fly-by-night' companies have been eliminated, especially with the economic conditions seen over the past few years," says Brent Hazelett, executive director of the Filter Manufacturers Council, Research Triangle Park, N.
Because overriding the filter is a time-consuming task, addressing the deficiencies in the filtering technology is a job that has been shifted to an already over-worked school staff.
After filter efficiency, air volume capacity is key to selecting the best in-room air cleaner.