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FILTERFocusing Images for Learning and Teaching an Enriched Resource (database; UK)
FILTERFiltration and Irrigated Cropping for Land Treatment and Effluent Reuse
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Motor vehicles will continue to represent the largest filter market through 2017.
Double the Filter on the ANITPQ-36's transmitter compartment.
A: You should only change your filter when it's dirty.
Each filter examines a single object, determines whether it is relevant to the current search, and (optionally) adds attributes to the object.
Environmental Protection Agency senior radiation scientist who said examiners have to look at the water and the material left on the filter to get a true picture of the radioactivity.
To obtain sufficient cast iron applications, the filter must provide high thermal shock resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and good dimensional stability at a low cost.
The filter efficiency is therefore dependent on the fact that particles are stored in the 'puffer' and sufficient N[O.
The idea is to use a 20-inch box fan to pull air through a 20-inch square furnace filter.
Even after it lost its challenge of CIPA, the ALA demanded that Web filter creators be explicit about what is blocked and what criteria are being used.
STRENGTHENING AN INFRASTRUCTURE, "Over Time, the 'fly-by-night' companies have been eliminated, especially with the economic conditions seen over the past few years," says Brent Hazelett, executive director of the Filter Manufacturers Council, Research Triangle Park, N.
Because overriding the filter is a time-consuming task, addressing the deficiencies in the filtering technology is a job that has been shifted to an already over-worked school staff.
After filter efficiency, air volume capacity is key to selecting the best in-room air cleaner.