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FAIDFinancial Aid (higher education)
FAIDFonds d'Aide Internationale au Développement (French: International Development Help Fund; Switzerland)
FAIDFrench-American Innovation Day (Office for Science and Technology of the French Embassy)
FAIDFluorescent Assay Infectious Dose
FAIDFatigue Audit InterDyne (model; trademark of InterDynamics Pty Ltd)
FAIDFederazione Associazioni Imprese Distribuzione (Italian: Federation of Associations of Firms in Commercial Distribution)
FAIDFriends Against Irresponsible Development (Mountville, PA)
FAIDFree As in Destitute (xkcd forum)
FAIDFuel Assembly Integrity Device
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BAHAWALPUR -- Director, Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), Ashfaq Ahmed said that 250,000 women had been receiving financial aid under BISP in Bahawalpur division.
He said that OPF has introduced financial aid scheme in 1980-81 to provide financial assistance to the destitute families of overseas Pakistanis in the event of death or disability of overseas Pakistanis.
Regardless of whether or not prospective students believe they qualify for financial aid, they should still consider completing a Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FASFA) because it may be an existing eligibility requirement for certain scholarships at various schools (FASFA, 2016).
Financial aid staff members have no idea what may have happened to a student arriving at the office, and then that student must be told financial aid has been lost.
Additionally, she is a member of the North Carolina Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NCASFAA).
1 deadline to apply for financial aid approaches, The Daily Star sat down with Dallal to discuss AUB's scholarship program and some of the other changes that have taken place under his watch.
As the Burks family discovered, you don't have to settle for the first financial aid offer you get.
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid - or FAFSA - form is 95 questions across eight pages, said Lynn Beauregard, director of student accounts and financial aid at Fitchburg State college.
Financial aid laws and implications: According to the "2006-2007 Free Application for Federal Student Aid" (FAFSA), a student who seeks Federal financial aid and plans to enter college in September 2007, for example, must file an application no earlier than January 2007.
For students unlikely to qualify for financial aid, this strategy is still proper, with 18 as the critical age.
Students apply through their financial aid office and must qualify for need-based financial aid.
In 2003, TAR which had already broadened its focus from tax assistance to financial literacy, launched the Financial Aid Initiative.
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