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Jeffreys and his colleagues conclude, This difficult case demonstrates how DNA fingerprints can give unequivocal positive evidence of relationship, even in some cases where critical family members are missing.
One of those security features is a fingerprint biometric template, which shall be "conforming to a standard".
In addition, including the fingerprint of the mother on the infant's footprint document links the child to the mother, eliminating any doubt of parentage.
UPEK's Eikon USB fingerprint reader provides enterprises and consumers with the power of biometric authentication at a low cost.
And, IAFIS, an integrated, automated fingerprint identification system, will revolutionize the FBI's ability to maintain a current and effective fingerprint identification operation.
The FLDFS program is expected to be fully operational by January 2007, with fingerprint sites strategically placed throughout the state to provide convenient access for all FLDFS applicants.
Cogent's ability to deliver and to integrate highly advanced software which enables the fast and accurate recording of both fingerprint and facial images with a high level of customer support were key factors in our success.
the world's leading brand of fingerprint authentication security solutions, today announced that its TouchChip[R] TCS1 Fingerprint Sensor has become the first and only silicon fingerprint sensor certified by and listed on the General Services Administration (GSA) Approved Products List (APL) for use in the Federal Information Processing Standard 201 (FIPS 201) and Personal Identity Verification (PIV) programs.
the world's leading brand of fingerprint authentication security solutions, today announced that the recent GSA and FBI certification of its TouchChip[R] TCS1 silicon fingerprint sensor as a Single Fingerprint Capture Device for FIPS 201 applications has enabled biometric solution providers to develop a new generation of low cost, compact and power efficient physical, logical and mobile access control devices that also meet the government's biometric technology standards.
today introduced a reference design to protect data on external hard disk drives (HDDs) by adding biometric security via fingerprint recognition technology.
the leading brand of biometric fingerprint authentication solutions, today announced that ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
This partnership will deliver significant value to silex customers and greatly increase the distribution of silex fingerprint technology, especially in the private sector," said Gary Bradt, silex vice president, biometrics division.