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FSCLFédération du Sport Cycliste Luxembourgeois (French: Luxembourg Cycling Sports Federation)
FSCLFire Support Coordination Line
FSCLFinancial Services Complaints Ltd. (New Zealand)
FSCLFlorida Scholastic Chess League
FSCLFrequency Sensitive Competitive Learning (algorithm)
FSCLFollicular Small Cleaved Lymphoma
FSCLFlorida Southeast Cricket League (est. 1998)
FSCLFlorida Sugar Cane League
FSCLFriends of the Smith College Libraries (est. 1942; Northampton, MA)
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One of the most prevalent points of contention is the disagreement over who controls fires, targeting, and interdiction beyond the fire support coordination line (FSCL), the area where operational and tactical level operations overlap (fig.
The fire support coordination line must be coordinated with the appropriate tactical air commander and other supporting elements.
Additionally, the definition of FSCL says that "supporting elements may attack targets forward of the fire support coordination line without prior coordination.
This can be a RIPL, DBSL, or, as proposed by the Institute for Defense, a joint fire support coordination line.
Fire support coordination lines are permissive measures of coordination and not boundaries as such.
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