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FPRFFire Protection Research Foundation (National Fire Protection Association)
FPRFFloating Point Register File
FPRFFats and Proteins Research Foundation, Inc. (est. 1962; Alexandria, VA)
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costum fireproof overalls, blue (welders) -233 units, 13,281 lei;
Among other advantages of the structure, mention can be made of its application in the production of a type of polymeric nanocomposite and a type of fireproof nanocomposite, which has applications in various industries, including textile, aerospace and electronics.
Aviation regulations requires that engine mounts, and other flight structures located in designated fire zones must be constructed of fireproof material so that they are capable of withstanding the effects of fire.
Drop into a large heatproof bowl (or use a fireproof bowl if you plan to set the punch on fire) and combine with sugar.
Not only that, but the lads are giving One Directioners a free download of their single Fireproof as a thank-you for their loyalty.
Fireproof, a UK-based testing laboratory, says it is offering product development support to the cables sector to ensure that stringent fire safety standards are met whilst moving away from conventional cable polymers, such as PVC, to materials that do not contain halogens.
is launching its first crowdfunding campaign with an offering of high-tech Fireproof Storage Boxes.
The Island International team was able to fireproof even logistically challenging mechanical areas of Tower 1 using custom-fabricated scaffolding.
Who: Two UK-based companies are working together to provide the oil, gas and petrochemicals industry with a fireproof enclosure that protects critical electrical control components in a fire up to 1,093[degrees]C for 30 minutes, while the internal temperature of the enclosure does not exceed 87[degrees]C.
Fireproof metal furnishing industry with products such as safes, safe deposit boxes, fireproof cabinets and vault doors has grown to follow the expansion of the banking and financial sector in Indonesia.
Gouinlock, about his ideas for a new Library: about shelving, layout, fixtures, windows and lighting, and about ensuring as fireproof a facility as possible.
The amateur stuntman, who now lives in Widley near Portsmouth, Hants, wore eight layers of protective clothing, including four layers of fireproof undergarments, a Formula One fireproof jacket and three overalls to avoid any harm.