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FWFaceoffs Won (hockey)
FWFairway Wood (golf club)
FWFocke-Wulf (German aircraft manufacturer)
FWFort Worth (Texas)
FWFresh Water
FWFireWire (Apple/TI high-speed serial bus; IEEE 1394 standard)
FWFort Wayne (Indiana)
FWFree Will
FWWhite cap (or weather) correction factor
FWFlywheel (automotive)
FWFifth Wheel
FWFighter Wing
FWForge World (UK)
FWFixed Wing
FWFisheries and Wildlife (academics)
FWFuture Wife
FWFeed Water
FWForsaken World (gaming)
FWFates Warning (band)
FWFull Wave
FWFire Water
FWFeldwebel (German)
FWForest Whitaker (actor)
FWFederal Way (Washington)
FWFlat Washer
FWFormula Weight
FWField Wiring
FWFilament Winding
FWFire Weather
FWFormula Windsurfing
FWFlood Warning (National Weather Service advisory)
FWFats Waller (pianist/composer)
FWFreelance Whales (band)
FWFoul Water (construction drawings)
FWFatwallet.com (website)
FWField Weld
FWFloor Waste (environment)
FWFiscal Week
FWFusion Workstation
FWFederal Works Agency
FWFouls Won (soccer)
FWFoster Wheeler Corporation (boiler manufacturer)
FWFillet Weld (metallurgy)
FWFloquet Wave
FWFlorida Waterfowler (online hunting forum)
FWFlash Welding
FWFree Weezy
FWFeable Weiner (band)
FWFar Westerns (United States Swimming meet)
FWFlutewise (UK)
FWFinnWars (Battlefield 1942 game modification)
FWFrostwolf Graveyard (World of Warcraft battleground slang)
FWFresh Weigh (or whole/wet Weight of plant or animal tissue)
FWField Work Proposal
FWFurniture West, Inc.
FWFlag Writer
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Firmware is software that is embedded in a piece of hardware and used to verify all of the essential, physical parts of a machine-such as the hard drive and processors-are present and functioning.
This new service makes it possible to update the firmware of a Panasonic lens on an Olympus camera or vice versa.
With the new Scalar 100 firmware option, the library itself has become smart enough to keep track of drive and media versions and to make sure that compatibility is always maintained, no matter which versions of backup or archiving software are being used.
Because your Jini-aware tape libraries and bridges have pre-registered for such events, the customer's Jini Lookup service notifies them of the firmware upgrade availability.
This allows designers to fit the system BIOS and video BIOS firmware in a smaller density memory array than those of typical flash memory devices without the SoftPartition capability.
Users of Xperia Z1 must monitor the Xperia Update Checker or XperiaFirm in order to determine global release of the new firmware.
With Intel's support and the hard work and effort of our engineers, we were able to become the predominant supplier of Firmware Hub flash memory in less than three quarters into our Firmware Hub production," said Mike Briner, senior vice president of the Application Specific Product Group at SST.
Users can install the firmware update using the following three possible methods:
18u Flash technology and is a drop-in replacement for the Intel 82802 Firmware Hub device.