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FIRNFlorida Information Resource Network (Florida Educational Network)
FIRNFinancial Integrity Research Network (Australia)
FIRNForeign-Born Information & Referral Network (Columbia, Maryland)
FIRNForensic Institute Research Network (Glasgow, Scotland, UK)
FIRNFoundation to Improve Renal Nutrition (Antelope Valley; California)
FIRNFunctional Imaging Research Network (Canada)
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This study successfully revealed annual isotopic accumulation layers down to 411 m in a dry snow zone environment (no summer melt) and affirmed the existence and continuity of discrete, annual stratigraphic oxygen isotope layers below the depth at which firn transforms to metamorphic ice.
As an example we analysed several samples of firn from the firn core B26 which was drilled during the North Greenland traverse of the Alfred Wegener Institute Bremerhaven in 1995.
Asimismo, otro componente esencial del TCA, la provision de un servicio integral de atencion, tanto clinica como social, ha sido uno de los principales objetivos de los servicios ordinarios de salud mental en el Reino Unido durante los ultimos quince anos (Burns y Firn, 2002).
First, the snowflakes turn to ice crystals, called firn.
Tenders are invited for Providing Security Arrangement For Quarry Office Buildi9ng Store Shed Quarry Check Post Quarry Area At Hut Bay In Little Andaman For The Year 2017-18 Firn Ibe Year.
in his first one-on-one meetings with board members, Firn took care to establish which communication method--email, telephone call, hard copy--each board member preferred.
The reservoir is known as a "perennial firn aquifer" because water persists within the firn, layers of snow and ice that don't melt for at least one season.
The 1960s firn line elevation also varied across the ice cap: 1490 m asl in the northwest sector, 1400 m asl in the southwest sector, and 1370 m asl in the southeast sector, which is a location that sees maximum accumulation and minimal ablation (Koerner, 1966b).
At a depth of 8,000ft, the drill team will retrieve not solid ice but a half-snow, half-ice substance called firn, which has the appearance of wet sugar but also a hardness that makes it extremely resistant.