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FEIron (Ferrum, Ferrite)
FEFor Example
FEFinancial Express
FEFurther Education
FEFundamentals of Engineering
FEFront End
FEFar East
FEFirst Edition
FEForeign Exchange
FEFuel Economy
FEFossil Energy
FEfield emission (electrons)
FEFinite Element
FEFire Emblem (video game)
FEFast Ethernet
FEFlight Engineer
FEFinal Exam
FEFatal Error
FEFuji Electric (various locations)
FEFederal Express
FEFinancial Engineering
FEFair Enough
FEFire Extinguisher
FEFlash Exposure (photography)
FEFar End
FEFacilities Engineering (US DoD)
FEFalange Española (Spanish political party)
FEField Engineer
FEFront Engine
FEFriends of the Earth (Trust Limited)
FEFeed Efficiency (livestock)
FEFunctional Exercise
FEFinger Eleven (band)
FEFirst Exposure
FEFinElite (torrent tracker; Finland)
FEField Experiment
FEField Evaluation
FEFractional Error
FEFinalize Early (escrow term)
FEFold Equity (poker)
FEFugitive Emissions
FEFraming Error
FEFerrara, Emilia (Italian province)
FEFirstEnergy Corporation
FEFire Exit
FEFinal Element (Safety Instrumented Functions, Trip systems)
FEFile Entry (OSTA universal disk format)
FEFord Edsel
FEFacilities Engineer
FEFleet Equipment
FEFocus Error
FEFixed Expenses
FEForwarding Engine (computing)
FEFan, Exhaust
FEFunctional Entity
FEFlight Examiner
FEFunctional Element
FEField Expedient
FEFractional Enrichment
FEFlying Eagle Cent
FEFlow Element
FEFederal Energy Administration
FEForce Element
FEFast Expansion (gaming)
FEFlap Extension (aviation)
FEFielding Error (baseball)
FEFrontier Economics
FEFlange End
FEFormat Effector
FEFunctional Earth (electronics wiring)
FEField Emergence
FEFunctional Enhancement (software)
FEFiesta Educativa, Inc (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
FEFront Ensemble (music)
FEFacilities Exchange
FEFeline Enteritis
FEFrame Extended (extended frame T1)
FEFinance Effectiveness (UK)
FEFilius Ejus (Latin: His Son, epigraphy)
FEFrequency Estimator
FEFellowship of Engineering
FEFreakin' Eh! (Canadian email idiom expressing happiness; polite form)
FEFecit Erigi (Latin: Had It Built, epigraphy)
FEFluent Entertainment
FEFeliciana Eastern Railroad
FEFigueira Enterprises
FERoyal Khymer Airlines Cambodia (IATA airline code)
FEFire Engineer/Engineering
FEFix Effectiveness (percentage)
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Other books taken from the store in Thetford include a set of four Winnie the Pooh first editions and a signed first edition of Terry Pratchett's Colour of Magic, Norfolk Police said.
first ever print run) of a first edition requires a little inspection to ensure it's the first UK edition, and has all the numbers 10 to 1, usually on the reverse of the title page.
He immediately set out to buy his very own complete (or as complete as he could find) First Edition, First Printing 1611 King James Bible that he could then leaf out and offer beautifully framed pieces to the general public.
Rare bookseller Peter Harrington estimates that first edition hardbacks could be worth up to [pounds sterling]50,000 - this is because not many hardback versions were originally printed, making them extremely rare to come across.
I will not pay a million pesos for any first edition copies of Rizal's works because I am quite happy with a photocopy or, better yet, a digital copy that I can zoom in to for easier reading.
Journalist Nigel Reynolds realised his mistake after he threw his first edition of the Paf Philosopher's Stone in the bin after he interviewed JK Rowling for the Daily Telegraph in the 1990s.
Former Indian batsman Virender Shewag, as the brand ambassador for the first edition of the event, is expecting more intense battles than last year.
Khaled Ghedira, director general of ANPR said the first edition of MOBIDOC was "a success" with 243 beneficiaries, 50% of whom were recruited in the public or private sector.
Bentley, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), has delivered 50 units of the Mulsanne First Edition to China.
First Edition Translations is one of the UK's oldest established translation agencies with particular expertise in editorial translation in the publishing, pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors.
The worth of The Great Gatsby first edition has reportedly increased over 13 times since 1996 when it was priced at GBP18,056.
The Reverend Dr Jason Bray came across the first edition King James Bible from 1611 at St Giles Parish Church, Wrexham.
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