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FDISKFixed Disk (Microsoft disk partitioning utility)
FDISKFixed Disk
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The smaller ones have no fixed disk. Most of those small computers run MS/DOS.
More expensive, somewhat heavier laptop PCs contain more advanced processor chips and two disk drives, possibly including a 20-meg or larger fixed disk. These suit situations that demand more sophisticated computations with larger data files.
Therefore, data exchange is much the same as it would be between a floppy and a fixed disk.
The list should include all cords, cards, and adaptors along with his recommendation for computers, screens, fixed disk drives, printers, and barcode readers.
The format errors of IBM's first AT fixed disk drive and the numerous bugs in Microsoft's "upgraded" Word software remind companies of the need for newproduct performance in the field.
Most popular microcomputers can be obtained for less than $5,000--often, at that price, with a color display screen, one removable and one fixed disk drive, a dot-matrix printer, and telecommunication capability or ability to communicate with other microcomputers.
It was assigned a value of "1" when the product has a removable disk and a value of "0" when it has a fixed disk. Including this variable permits the intercept of the regression equations to be different for drives with removable disks and fixed disks.
Fixed disk libraries rely on modern replication technologies to move data offsite for disaster recovery; they only allow for disk removal to replace defective disks.