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institutional control exerted by flag of convenience registries over the
Because there may still be advantages to continuing to fly a flag of convenience, ships that do so may want to reform their behavior sufficiently that they will not have to abandon those flags.
In addition to these flags there are certain shipping registers whose vessels can be regarded, on a ship-by-ship basis, as operating under a flag of convenience. This system allows substandard ships with substandard wages an conditions to sail under a veil of secrecy and with an almost total lack of accountability.
Of course, if you disagree with the policy decisions inherent in such judicial rulings, the whole movement can seem like politics sailing under a judicial flag of convenience. Such accusations are perhaps inevitable in legal debates, which are matters of rhetoric and persuasion, not mathematical precision.
The OECD added the Bahamas Bermuda, and the Netherland Antilles to the list, while an authority on shippin included Hong Kong and Gibraltar as well.(6) Singapore has converted itself fro a flag of convenience registry to a quasi-FOC, and recently, the Norwegian International Shipping registry and the Isles of Man have been established as tax-free captive registries for Norwegian and British shipping, respectively.
But it's a bit like wrapping a flag of convenience over all the woeful, and often downright damaging, Tory policies.
Pakistani private Ship Owners are operating on flag of convenience, but not willing to buy incentives offered under Pak flag.
MO FARAH has joined Jack Wilshere in opposing the practice of sportsmen switching nationality to compete under a flag of convenience.
Communications & Works Ministry Permanent Secretary Makis Constantinides said that the "dark days when Cyprus was regarded simply as a flag of convenience are behind us", and emphasised that Cyprus is now one of the leading shipping centres in the world.
Our concern is not to denigrate co-operatives but to prevent their misuse as a flag of convenience by those seeking to break up public services.