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FLAKFliegerabwehrkanone (German: Flyer Defense Cannon)
FLAKFlugabwehrkanone (German)
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After the undated video went viral, Twitter wasn't pleased with the optics and has thrown flak at Trump.
A source said: "The flak jackets would be a worry if they were to end up in the hands of criminal gangs.
Pulis has laughed off suggestions of a personal bodyguard for his defender, but he said: "People have to take flak at times, and if Ryan does, then so be it.
Created in 1987, Flik Flak was designed to be more than just a simple childrenCOs watch.
His car was marked "press" and witnesses said he was wearing an identifying flak jacket.
Soon, every Marine who qualifies with a pistol will need a flak jacket and a Kevlar helmet.
The Wales camp were targeted for criticism following their inept performance against Scotland last month, but the flak died down with an improved performance against France, albeit a third straight Six Nations defeat.
When I ask Fein if he has received any serious flak from other conservatives for his sustained criticism, he admits some of his ideological homies are perturbed.
It was har and I know I would have taken some flak if we had lost.
Zuhair won no fewer than five times at the fixture, while Flak Jacket was a three-time winner of the Stewards' Cup consolation race.