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Fl.PFlash Point
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1 below is a plot of flash point versus volume of mixture (gasoline/kerosene).
There are two main methods of flash point analysis: open cup and closed cup.
Active cool is the first small-scale flash point tester to provide a rapid electronic cool down facility without the need for external services.
Another flash point is the attempt to teach religion in public school science classes under the guise of "creation science" or "intelligent design.
60, home of Frith Street Gallery, is a recurring flash point for coincidence, as one discovers in Jaki Irvine's six-part video installation Towards a Polar Sea, 2005.
The flash point of the oil often becomes an issue when a 350 F mold temperature cannot be achieved with anything less than a TCU setpoint of 450 F to 500 F.
They evaporate quickly and have a high flash point.
It has a high flash point, low toxicity, chemical and thermal stability, and is compatible with all conventional photopolymer printing plates.
Its characteristics make it a good insulating oil, because it has a high flash point, and is difficult to burn.
All models are designed for use with fuel oil, Class II or III combustible liquids having a flash point of 100[degrees]F or higher.
Saturday night dances held at the prison camp became a flash point for romance and cultural clash that Dragone illustrated in her piece by mixing swing and Italian folk dance.
On Wednesday referee Phil Dowd was enjoying a genial, amicable match and was effectively using a joke and a smile to diffuse a potential flash point involving Wayne Rooney, when over came the shop steward to inflame a situation that was already under control.