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FOTMFan of the Month
FOTMFocus on the Masters (Ventura, CA)
FOTMFlavor of the Month (also seen as FOM)
FOTMFan of Traditional Music
FOTMFoaming of the Mouth
FOTMFire On The Mountain (Grateful Dead song)
FOTMFact of the Matter
FOTMFish Of The Month
FOTMFeature of the Month
FOTMFriends of Old Time Music (organization)
FOTMForum of the Month
FOTMFungus of the Month
FOTMFirst of the Month
FOTMFire on the Move (gaming)
FOTMFriend of the Month
FOTMField Operations Training Manual (US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration)
FOTMFestival of the Masters (annual open-air art festival; Downtown Disney; Lake Buena Vista, FL)
FOTMFlight Operation-Time Management
FOTMFall of the Machines (song)
FOTMFunctionally Oriented Technical Manual
FOTMFolk On The Moor
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Whether it be Ugg boots or Afghanistan, we can move through things very quickly, and it's hard to get focused on them again." But some eco-blogs are showing signs of becoming more than the flavor of the month. CONTACT: AEB,; Eco-Chick,; Green Drinks,; Green Links,; Hippy Shopper, www.hippy; Ideal Bite,; Inspired Protagonist,; Tree Hugger,; World Changing,
Hess makes a compelling case that innovative endeavors like Teach For America and Edison Schools differ from "flavor of the month" reforms.
Despite the need for change, internal research showed that many employees were suspicious of the company's transformation program, viewing it as a "flavor of the month" effort, similar to previous reorganizations that were never fully mobilized or were considered synonymous with downsizing.