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There is one ruby of Burma, of two ruttees, without a flaw, and there is a balas-ruby, flawed, of two ruttees.
Lurgan Sahib had a hawk's eye to detect the least flaw in the make-up; and lying on a worn teak-wood couch, would explain by the half-hour together how such and such a caste talked, or walked, or coughed, or spat, or sneezed, and, since
'First, are two flawed sapphires - one of two ruttees and one of four as I should judge.
You have not yet picked out the flaw in my definition of philosophy.
'And a far greater flaw was that it was too altruistic.
It was a great idea, but I see now there were one or two flaws in it.'
The flawed Diamond, cut up, would actually fetch more than the Diamond as it now is; for this plain reason-- that from four to six perfect brilliants might be cut from it, which would be, collectively, worth more money than the large-- but imperfect single stone.
Either his mother's birth had been low, or his mother's reputation was damaged by some hidden flaw with which Mrs.
On the other hand, if the second case supposed were the true one, what had been the flaw in her reputation?
As the service proceeded, the clergyman drew such pictures of the graces, the winning ways, and the rare promise of the lost lads that every soul there, thinking he recognized these pictures, felt a pang in remembering that he had persistently blinded himself to them always before, and had as persistently seen only faults and flaws in the poor boys.
But yet certain though it be, it hath flaws; for that the scriveners and brokers do value unsound men, to serve their own turn.
He speaks of "help for the sight far above spectacles and glasses," also "glasses and means to see small and minute bodies perfectly and distinctly, as the shapes and colours of small flies and worms, grains and flaws in gems, which cannot otherwise be seen." To-day we have the microscope.