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Lurgan Sahib had a hawk's eye to detect the least flaw in the make-up; and lying on a worn teak-wood couch, would explain by the half-hour together how such and such a caste talked, or walked, or coughed, or spat, or sneezed, and, since
It was a great idea, but I see now there were one or two flaws in it.
The fact is that there is one really serious flaw in this evidence to which our friend attaches so much importance.
You have not yet picked out the flaw in my definition of philosophy.
By dint of an ingenious counsel, and a legal flaw, he escaped; but only to undergo a worse punishment; for, some years afterwards, his house was broken open in the night by robbers, tempted by the rumours of his great wealth, and he was found murdered in his bed.
The finest composition of human nature, as well as the finest china, may have a flaw in it; and this, I am afraid, in either case, is equally incurable; though, nevertheless, the pattern may remain of the highest value.
He was deeply vexed, not only for the harm he had done Helen, but for the flaw he had discovered in his own equipment.
He was vaguely conscious of a sense of being treated unjustly, of there being a flaw in Claire's words somewhere if he could only find it, but the sudden attack had deprived him of the free and unfettered use of his powers of reasoning.
allowing for the flaw in the stone) was thirty thousand pounds.
Either his mother's birth had been low, or his mother's reputation was damaged by some hidden flaw with which Mrs.
You see the whole thing is a chain of logical sequences without a break or flaw.
Whatever she had, she seemed to survey only to pick flaws in it; but, once fairly away, there was no end to her valuation of it.