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FLEDFamily Life Education Department (Washington)
FLEDFlashing Light Emitting Diode (electronics)
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The cherry-tree was dead, for its dryad had gone,--fled, said evil tongues, fled away to the town!
Some few fled, indeed, but the wolves hunted them by gaze and scent, and pulled them down before they passed the gates of the kraal.
Now Umslopogaas turned and fled swiftly, bounding over the dead and the wolves who preyed upon them, and the captain followed with uplifted spear, and mocked him as he came.
And from Sitka, Old Kinoos, who was Young Kinoos in those days, fled away with me, a babe in his arms, along the islands in the midst of the sea.
Kinoos was unafraid, but the sight of them was a hurt to his eyes; so we fled on and on, through the seas and years, till we came to the Great Fog Sea, Negore, of which thou hast heard, but which thou hast never seen.
He, the enlightened man who looks afar in the dark, had fled because of his superior perceptions and knowledge.
In the consciousness of that, my terror fled as a cruel dream.
All that night Werper fled farther and farther into the heart of the wilderness.
But although Cathullin fled, between Fingal and Swaran battle was renewed till darkness fell.
Brother, little brother, come to me,' the swifter he fled after his brothers the wolves, and the heavier grew his skin, till, with a long howl, he vanished into the depths of the forest.
He rose to his feet, flung aside the straw pallet upon the street urchins, and fled.
It was indeed time for that, for as I was about to place my legs through the window, the man had seen me, had bounded to his feet, had sprung--as I foresaw he would--to the door of the ante-chamber, had time to open it, and fled.