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FLEEFast Lightweight Expression Evaluator
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472]); Didyme instructs Theodore to flee the brothel ("Fuyez sous mon habit," [Theodore 4.
The Prince and Flee managed a handful of clandestine dates after they met through mutual friends last summer.
They both enjoyed themselves but Flee wasn't interested in taking things further.
The 23 were arrested and found to be in possession of a large sum in foreign currency as they tried to flee the country on January 14, the day Ben Ali and his wife fled into exile in Saudi Arabia following a weeks-long popular revolt.
Police also said that robbers broke into a house in Metn and stole electronic equipment, jewelry and artifacts worth over $10,000 and managed to flee away.
Mahecic said many attempting to flee are paying smugglers to get out.
AN employee, who stole BD14,000 and attempted to flee the country, has been sentenced to a year in prison.
It focused on journalists who were forced to flee because of their work and who remained in exile for at least three months.
Seven-year-old Dinakaran didn't understand the tsunami alarm, and sought shelter too close to the shoreline--but Selvakumar would not let him hide, barking and insisting that he flee toward the hill where his mother and father fled.
They were forced to abandon their car about a mile away and flee on foot.
Slaves did indeed flee for freedom, most on their own steam.