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(8) David Maskell views Horace's flight as a "temporary lapse into female role-playing," based on Corneille's statement in his 1660 Examen of Horace attributing to women, in this case Camille, a propensity to flee the threat of death ("la frayeur si naturelle au sexe lui doit faire prendre la fuite") (276).
They both enjoyed themselves but Flee wasn't interested in taking things further."
The 23 were arrested and found to be in possession of a large sum in foreign currency as they tried to flee the country on January 14, the day Ben Ali and his wife fled into exile in Saudi Arabia following a weeks-long popular revolt.
Police were able to arrest him when he tried to flee the country after discovering his visa had expired.
"Severe harassment--such as police surveillance, repeated interrogations, and sporadic detentions--drove another 19 journalists to flee worldwide.
However, in 1939, his parents arranged for him and his brother Walter to flee to Britain.
8 (2005) (Times Mirror), the Tax Court held that a corporate reorganization was not tax flee under Sec.
I am flee. I have a voice!" But she can't hear me, and it wouldn't matter if she could.
We've gotta get out of here." So we had to flee. We always had to flee.
Unable to cope with so much death and demand on the keeners and with her spouse condemned as a criminal, Margaret and Tom flee to Troy, New York, where many Irish have immigrated to start anew.
Slaves did indeed flee for freedom, most on their own steam.
Not only did young men flee the missions, but their women also.