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FLICSFilm Liaisons In California Statewide
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A fascinating aspect of the story is that FLIC investigators maintained secret records of their activities.
Our review of the literature reveals that some of the best work on FLIC comes from graduate students.
According to its spokesman Charles Wheeler, Macquarie Film, the second FLIC, plans to bankroll roughly 15 projects during its lifespan, with financial feasibility as its primary objective.
That's because while both FLICs firms' fundraising efforts are ongoing, most investors make tax-deductible investments between March and June.
This is a critical moment for the two fledgling FLIC companies, (and) their success depends on a positive reception from the investment community," said Screen Producers Assn.
Content's David Court says the advantage of FLICs over 10BA was that FLICs allowed investors to buy shares in a company, which spread risk across a range of titles, while 10BA functioned for investments in single titles.
This partnership increases awareness of the simple and affordable Flic Cordless Laser Bar Code scanner with the worldwide development community targeting Symbian OS.
As bar code applications continue to grow more prevalent, specifically in the mobility market, and our customers require the benefits of seamless and flexible connectivity between the Flic scanner and mobile computing devices, the Scanner Wedge software provides a valuable new product offering to our growing data capture business.
The palm-sized Flic laser scanner offers a combination of scanning performance, ease of use and low price (MSRP of $129.
A digital photo of Flic is available -- contact Matt Nichols or Jami Nielsen, Microvision, 425/415-6657, or via e-mail at mattn@microvision.
1 billion per year hand-held bar code scanner market with the Flic laser bar code scanner's unique and compelling combination of price and performance.
We're looking forward to carrying the Flic laser bar code scanner to fill a growing need in the AIDC market," stated Todd Jacobs, sales manager from Abraham Technical.