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FLIRTSFormalism, Logic, Institution-Relating, Translating, and Structuring
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It is probable that she will neither love so well, nor flirt so well, as she might do either singly.
Would a nice girl, even allowing for her being a little American flirt, make a rendezvous with a presumably low-lived foreigner?
I wished to beg you to cease your relations with Miss Miller-- not to flirt with her--to give her no further opportunity to expose herself--to let her alone, in short.
I am afraid your habits are those of a flirt," said Winterbourne gravely.
You're a very nice girl; but I wish you would flirt with me, and me only," said Winterbourne.
But if you won't flirt with me, do cease, at least, to flirt with your friend at the piano; they don't understand that sort of thing here.
But the young man was conscious, at the same moment, that it had ceased to be a matter of serious regret to him that the little American flirt should be "talked about" by low-minded menials.
Mother doesn't approve of flirting even in fun, and you do flirt desperately, Teddy.
At Brighton she will be of less importance even as a common flirt than she has been here.
If a man could not love and be wise, surely he could flirt and be wise at the same time?
I'm not trying to flirt with you, though I suppose you think I am
Swiss rolling stock maker Stadler has introduced its latest generation of FLIRT train in Hungary.