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FLITForeign Language and International Trade
FLITFrench Literature in Translation (various universities)
FLITFrequency Line Integration & Tracking
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I never squirted the flit gun in Spain, lest locals thought it rude.
This M- Flit series laptop cooling Pad from GlacialTech is solidly built and is very stable.
The missing cash was never recovered and the loss was carried by Barclays Bank, which repaid Ms Flit.
That's partly because the rules of quantum mechanics permit countless additional quarks and other particles to continually flit in and out of existence inside each hadron.
Written in a distinctly personal voice, the book covers a lot of territory very readably, even if Johnson does flit from topic to topic like a butterfly in a flower garden.
Bright yellow, red, orange and pink zinnias account for the goldfinches that flit around our yard all summer.
There's always a bit of wishful thinking in the doomsday scenarios that flit through the foreign populace in Japan.
FOUR prisoners taken on a camping trip to help prepare them for life on the outside did a moonlight flit.
The desktop allows easy access for IT staff with quick release cover latches, an expansion card cage with lift levers, a flit drive cage and a slide-out system board.
She can flit in and out of character with the doff of a tiara.
Many gurus flit about the land today predicting a monetary armageddon while urging the necessity for squirreling away gold and oatmeal in order to survive.