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FLNFlint (Amtrak station code; Flint, MI)
FLNFront de Libération Nationale (National Liberation Front; political party, Algeria)
FLNFrente de Liberación Nacional (Spanish: National Liberation Force)
FLNFlorianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil - Florianopolis (Airport Code)
FLNFirst-Last Names Association Test
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Since the beginning of Operation Enduring Freedom we have flown 6,000 sorties with that airplane, 23,000 hours.
In spite of this change, the pilot astronauts know the shuttle cannot be flown like a fighter.
It's the only planet other than Earth where aircraft have already flown: Two Soviet balloons drifted above the planet in the mid 1980s.
Robert Hinkle, the chief pilot, said that of about 40 in-country flights flown during the six months he was in Zaire, only one or at most two could be construed as humanitarian.