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FVEFair Value Estimate (finance)
FVEFédération Vaudoise des Entrepreneurs (Swiss contracting federation)
FVEFive Star Quality Care, Inc. (Newtown, MA)
FVEFrontier Valley Elementary (Parker, CO)
FVEFlash Video Exporter
FVEFull Volume Encryption
FVEFlash Video Encoder
FVEFederation of Veterinarians of Europe
FVEFarmington Valley Equipment, Inc. (Farmington, CT)
FVEFluid Volume Excess
FVEFlash Video Encoder (software)
FVEFunctional Vocational Evaluation
FVEFrequent Value Encoding
FVEFlorida Visual Ensemble
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A second example relates to intracellular fluid volume excess. The example used is the story of Jennifer Strange, who tried to win a Wii in a radio contest by drinking water and died from water intoxication (Clark & McHugh, 2009).