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FLUMPFlexible Ubiquitous Monitor Project (Lancaster University)
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All our love always.) -B rokenhearted granddaughter Janine, Austin, Ellie, Charly, and Flump xxxxx.
He has already tried and failed to lure Derek McInnes away from Rangers, as he attempts to arrest Aberdeen's disastrous form flump.
20 What sort of instrument was played by Grandpa Flump?
The sheer embarrassment of the situation clearly transferred to junior and he/she recoiled in horror - just enough to let me flump back into the driver's seat.
THE FLUMPS REMEMBER these furry characters who appeared on our screens in the late 70s to late 80s?
Worst of the lot were Janice and Greg, a dentist dodging couple who, thanks to the kind of oral hygiene more commonly seen on a pirate ship, had been left unable to eat anything other than mushy food like Angel Delight and Flumps.
The other day I was wearing a knitted hat and friends told me that I looked like Pootle out of television show The Flumps. What on earth were they talking about?
Over the years, Florida Sportsman has covered the ins and outs of the blackfin tuna fishery around the Florida coastline: Places these fish are historically abundant, such as the famous Flumps in the Florida Keys; the shrimp fleet in the Gulf of Mexico; bluewater ledges off Northeast Florida.
Swathes of poster paint daubed across the landscape by a six year old - a landscape where a soundtrack of birdsong and rushing meltwater has finally prevailed over the creaks and flumps of snow.
As I knelt down, ready to start ("Hey, how are you feeling?" "What's your name?") a full-sized EMT bag flumps onto the ground next to me, followed by a petite woman, who dives right in.