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FATMFederación Argentina de Tenis de Mesa (Spanish: Argentina Federation of Table Tennis; Argentina)
FATMFlorence and the Machine (band; UK)
FATMFaith and the Muse (band)
FATMFoaming at the Mouth
FATMFatty Acid Trophic Marker (marine biology)
FATMFrench Agricultural Technical Mission
FATMFund and Treasury Management (UK)
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Pinpoint pupils, breathing difficulties, and foaming at the mouth are symptoms commonly associated with toxic gas exposure.
The doctors say these are typical symptoms of nerve gas victims." Extensive amateur video and photographs appeared on the Internet showing victims choking, some foaming at the mouth. A video purportedly shot in the Kafr Batna neighborhood showed a room filled with more than 90 bodies, many of them children and a few women and elderly men.
Dozens of people are reportedly injured, showing symptoms of a possible chemical weapons attack such as difficulty in breathing, foaming at the mouth. Wounded people have been taken to the hospitals in the region.
He said: "They're foaming at the mouth, my sweat's dripping in their eyes, I'm watching them die and their eyes are bulging.
She was found foaming at the mouth by a pal who made sure she recovered.
The two girls reportedly began convulsing and "foaming at the mouth" shortly after consuming the poison.
Starbucks Increase Their PricesC* Coincidentally a Week or so Before Salary IncreasesC* Starbucks has upped thier prices and one Kuwaiti blogger is steamed and foaming at the mouth
Which is why fans of extreme metal will be foaming at the mouth in rabid anticipation when Decapitated kick off a nine-date UK tour in Birmingham next week with the sole intention of crushing skulls.
Danielle Summers-Tinsley, 19, spotted the man "clutching his chest and foaming at the mouth" and realised he was having a heart attack.
Everyone seems to be foaming at the mouth after a 52-year-old who in the 1980s was deemed to have no charisma or personality has won a match.
One minute she's foaming at the mouth, letting fly with verbal missiles that would have Hitler sobbing into his sauerkraut - and the next she's Grief Counsellor and Earth Mother and all those things that are so unlike her Harder-than-Booty-Nail-Bar's-nails image.
The VSS were the most visceral punk band of their day, foaming at the mouth with songs about cannibalism and Holy Communion, dystopian sci-fi synths surging underneath.