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FOBSFlexible Call Observing
FOBSFractional Orbital Bombardment System
FOBSFactors of Business Success (survey)
FOBSFlight Operations Briefing Station (Clark International Airport; Philippines)
FOBSFree on Board Stowed (shipping)
FOBSFriends of Brandon Station (UK)
FOBSFriends of Brandywine Springs (Wilmington, DE)
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NFC key fobs are ideal for access control and person identification applications.
Tesla responded by creating a new version of the key fob which patched the flaw.
At least, six people were killed and over 30 injured after a portion of the foot overbridge (FOB) near the bustling Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus railway station in Mumbai collapsed on last Thursday.
A base closure assistance team (BCAT)-a group of qualified contractors and military personnel-visited FOBs to assist them in reducing their footprints in the safest, most cost-effective way.
Located approximately 20 kilometers from the Pakistan border, the battalion oversaw an operational environment with the mission of defending FOB Salerno, previously known as Rocket City, while simultaneously preparing it for closure.
"People have not been looking when locking their cars with the fobs, perhaps doing it over their shoulder.
Moreover, all key fobs support engine immobilizer system authentication.
Getting called a FOB ("fresh off the boat") used to be the ultimate put-down for Asian Americans.
Until the recent passage of the Act, there was no analogous mechanism allowing for abbreviated applications for FOBs. The new regulatory approval pathway for FOBs attempts to do for biological pharmaceutical products what the Hatch-Waxman Act did for small-molecule drugs, by providing an abbreviated regulatory approval pathway that will speed the delivery of more affordable biologic drugs to the market.
We maintain our own FOBs and if we don t receive deposits from the BMC, we will be forced to shut all FOBs on safety grounds, said WR chief PRO, S.
While it was certainly comforting to have all of that mine-detection equipment and expertise out in front of me, this was negated by the fact that we had to clear the road all the way to the outpost west of us before heading east to FOB Leopard, effectively tripling the distance and the time we would be exposed to attack.