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FoLFlash of Light (World of Warcraft)
FOLFlavor of Love (VH1 show)
FOLFriends of the Library
FOLFirst-Order Logic (logic, math)
FOLFlower of Life
FOLFact of Life
FOLForward Operating Location
FOLFear of Loss (marketing)
FOLFocus On Learning (accreditation process for schools)
FOLFull Overlap
FOLfiber optic link (US DoD)
FOLFrente Obrero Liberashon (Dutch: Workers' Liberation Front, Netherlands Antilles)
FOLFeel Our Love (song by Smashing Pumpkins)
FOLFeast of Lanterns (Buddhist festival)
FOLFriends of Laphroaig
FOLFriends of LIVE (band)
FOLFirst Official Language
FOLFortress of Louisbourg (Canada)
FOLFart Out Loud
FOLFamily of Loudspeakers (US Navy)
FOLFalls Over Laughing
FOLFree on Loan
FOLFace-Offs Lost (hockey)
FOLFlight Operating Limitation
FOLFound On Linoleum (EMT slang; as in LOL FOL - Little Old Lady Found On Linoleum)
FOLFiber Optic Layout
FOLFiber-Optic Lines/Loops
FOLFestival of Lakes
FOLFall of Land (civil engineering)
FOLFiber-Optic Laryngoscopy
FOLFriends of Lizzy (band)
FOLFriends of Lois (support group)
FOLFoundations of Literature
FOLFachoberlehrkraft (German schools)
FOLFormazione on Line (Italian: online training)
FOLFocus on Literacy (education)
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Follow him because: He responds to what fans ask him, and you can watch his spats with Piers Morgan (who he calls "a nugget") Paul McCartney @PaulMcCartney 379,656 Followers 2 Following 218 Updates Bio: Official News Stream Typical Tweet: Photo Special; Linda McCartney: Life In Photographs Gallery Opening In NYC.
But here's the thing that spun the heads of those fishermen, as it would later many others bound up in the knowledge of their weakness and limitations: There is much to fear standing in the presence of holiness, unless we are confident that the one we follow is a Lord of mercy.
But that is what will be needed to follow tracks of less than 10-micron pitch.
The bibliography included at the end of your article should follow Documentation 2: Author-Citations and Reference Lists in Chicago Manual of Style (16.
What kinds of help do clients recall receiving, and what kinds of follow through do they report 1 to 12 months after their last counseling session?
Biologists cannot explain how turtles follow identical paths, especially in the open ocean.
The staff also is recommending reducing the Interstate 5 options from two to one, keeping the alignment that most closely follows the freeway.
Note: For maximum results, the second exercise should follow right on the heels of the first.
Tape engineers recognized the need for a track-following servo, a mechanism that allows a tape head to dynamically follow a tape track, because track positions fluctuate due to slight media variations, mechanical tolerances, and other environmental factors.
When an auditor plans to follow a primarily substantive approach to audit a particular assertion, the knowledge of control procedures obtained when examining the control environment and accounting system is usually sufficient to design sustantive procedures.
To its owners and customers, the founding of the Follow Your Heart grocery store and restaurant was a natural response to changing times and attitudes.
As the number of individuals in follow along increases, the ability of the job coach to provide quality services decreases.