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FOOLSFraternal Order of Leatherheads Society (fraternal order promoting the brotherhood of fire fighters)
FOOLSFraternal Order of Offensive Line Society
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For vengeance, thou vain fool, is all thy foaming; I have divined thee well!
I loathe also this great city, and not only this fool.
Thus spake Zarathustra, and passed by the fool and the great city.
Well, we shall see what good they will make by exchanging a fool for a wise man.
Here cometh April again, and as far as I can see the world hath more fools in it than ever.
Of the 1,000 craft distillers that are in operation in the USA, approximately 400 of them are classified as farm distilleries, Murray's Fools Distilling Co.
I was also an April Fool, something that caused me great anguish for many years, as other children would laugh and point and say "You're an April Fool
A fool is a traditional English dessert and is open to tons of variation.
Sachin has sent an SMS " I want to retire soon " Dhoni immediately forwarded the sms to all his friends then a second sms popped up in Dhoni's mobile " Happy April Fools day" ha ha.
Libby, 19, from Stamfordham, will sing Jully Black's Seven Day Fool and follow that with her own Mumma Said, which begins with the words 'I've been a fool'.
Illusionists try to fool the double-act and win a booking in Vegas
The first chapter challenges the critical assumption that the use of blackface to represent fools is religious in origin, signaling the connection between folly and the devil.