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I am Big Foot, Little Brother, and thou art Little Foot, the Gond.
Now, I, Little Foot, come to the rock," said Mowgli, running up his trail.
I, Little Foot, go away making noises and tramplings so that Big Foot may hear me.
Here stood Little Foot, with his knee on a rock--and yonder is Big Foot indeed
The upper plain of Santa Cruz slopes up to a height of 3000 feet at the foot of the Cordillera.
Sir Nigel's shield was broken, his crest shorn, his armor cut and smashed, and the vizor torn from his helmet; yet he sprang hither and thither with light foot and ready hand, engaging two Bretons and a Spaniard at the same instant--thrusting, stooping, dashing in, springing out--while Alleyne still fought by his side, stemming with a handful of men the fierce tide which surged up against them.
Twice he stretched out his foot, and twice he failed to reach the point at which he aimed, but even as he swung himself for a third effort a stone from a sling buzzed like a wasp from amid the rocks and struck him full upon the side of his head.
At last, however, his foot came upon a broad resting-place and he ventured to cast a glance downwards.
Karen raised her foot to get in after her, when the old soldier said,
Whether the man was partly blind or only very careless I can't say, but he drove me with that stone in my foot for a good half-mile before he saw anything.
The farmer dismounted, and slipping his rein over his arm at once took up my near foot.
This foot is very much bruised," he said, setting it gently down and patting me.