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ZGMT / UTC (logging abbreviation)
ZEffort (US DoD)
ZSpeed Rating (department of transportation maximum tire speed rating of 149+ MPH)
ZZoloft (anti-depressant)
ZAll Stop (bell log on a US Navy ship)
ZAtomic Number (number of protons in nucleus)
ZFlash (logging abbreviation)
ZFlash (Priority)
ZCorporation (IRB)
ZFootlocker (stock symbol)
ZZentner (German 50kg)
ZSet of Integers (math)
ZZulu Time
ZZetta- (prefix, 10^21 or sextillion)
ZCertain Amino Acids (glutamic acid, glutamine or a substance that yields glutamic acid on hydrolysis)
ZZygorhynchus (bacterium)
ZProton Number (physics)
ZSales in Full (newspaper stock table abbreviation)
ZLighter-Than-Air Vehicle (US Military aircraft type designation)
ZAdministrative Aircraft (US Navy)
ZRedshift Factor (determines how fast a cosmic object is moving away from Earth)
ZUltra Heavy Nuclei
ZUnit of Sleep
ZZylog, Incorporated
ZBenzyloxycarbonyl Compound
ZZuckung - Contraction
ZAnimalian Sex Chromosome (such as chickens and moths)
ZJet Terminal Area
ZAircraft Symbol Prefix – Planning
ZCenter of an algebraic group (mathematics)
ZDepth axis in Cartesian coordinate system
ZDiscrete-time complex variable (analogous to S in continuous-time; electrical engineering)
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Footlocker on the other hand is set in San Diego (except for a 2 year run in Orlando) and almost always is raced on a sunny day with temperatures in the 60s.
Still, consumers have shown increased desire for college footlockers that have multiple features and are still quality, lasting products.
Set the drill in the aviation footlocker (AFL) on the lowest setting for each and every screw before you remove them.
A jury at Swansea Crown Court watched what they were told were CCTV pictures of 39-year-old Ben Hope using cash from an envelope to buy new trainers and the wallet in Cardiff's city-centre Footlocker store.
Fully accessorized, they are outfitted with a security box fastened to a full width shelf and a footlocker with a hinged reinforced seat at the base.
This scenario was the catalyst for the creation of the Virtual Footlocker (VF).
He was named high school runner of the month in December by Track & Field News magazine after winning the 2005 Footlocker National Cross Country championship.
Halfway into the attic, we found his father's Army footlocker. Gordy's father had served in Patton's Third Army as a tank mechanic during the race across Europe.
The CPG portfolio is 97% leased and its largest tenants include Wal-Mart/Sam's Club, Pueblo (grocery), Kmart, Footlocker, Novus (footwear), Caribbean Cinemas, Kress Kids (discount apparel), Payless, Marianne/Marianne Plus (women's apparel/plus sizes), and Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic.
Just 50 tickets were on sale at pounds 34 eachyesterday at the Footlocker store in Glasgow, where many had been camping since Sunday with just sleeping bags and umbrellas.