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FAPPFirdaus & Associates Property Professionals (Malaysia)
FAPPFor All Practical Purposes
FAPPFit and Proper Person
FAPPFeto-Acinar Pancreatic Protein
FAPPFederal Alternative Payment Program (child care)
FAPPFormative Assessment Pilot Project (various locations)
FAPPFederal Application Portability Profile
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In the pithy words of Bennett Kobb, author of the widely used SpectrumGuide: Radio Frequency Allocations in the United States, "Manufacturers will make just about any gizmo if they see a mass market." Until then, Kobb notes, "We're using a 60-year-old technology with FM, and it's creating an artificial scarcity, when we could accommodate for all practical purposes an unlimited class of stations."
"For all practical purposes, space is completely empty." So the Enterprise, unlike an airplane, can't modify its motion by changing the way the atmosphere around it flows over its body.
For all practical purposes, the taxpayer is borrowing at 8% for the privilege of earning less than 6%.
For all practical purposes, these rooms could have been thousands of miles apart.
When the proper consideration is given to the production technique, these systems will double the output and, for all practical purposes, eliminate mold damage usually associated with double core setups.
For all practical purposes Ethelbald was the first King of a unified England.
For all practical purposes, technologically, EPC is in its infancy.
For all practical purposes, however, implementing widespread recycling efforts is still in its infancy.
For all practical purposes, these students are functionally illiterate.
"For all practical purposes, we're back,'' said Jonathan Golub, Chief U.S.
However, when a judge makes an extraordinarily rigorous ruling stating, "For all practical purposes, the state has literally established an Evangelical Christian congregation within the walls of one of its penal institutions...,"it's worth it to bum the midnight oil.
"The sensus fidelium," he said, " is for all practical purposes totally dismissed." Nine years later (July 31, 2002), he revisited the issue following a COMPAS poll which found that most Canadian Catholics disagree with important Church teachings.