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FoRBFreedom of Religion or Belief
FoRBFlowtec Object Request Broker
FoRBFriends of Rookery Bay (est. 1987; Florida)
FoRBFriends of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park (Missouri)
FoRBFriends of Rountree Branch (Wisconsin)
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The cover by different plant life forms (forbs, shrubs, or graminoids) was determined by summing covers of plant species belonging to each category within the quadrats and then calculating the mean value for each habitat type.
Further, dense patches of nettles are associated with reduced abundance of summer-reproducing forbs and graminoids in Minnesota forests, along with increases in sugar maple (Biederman 2000).
The Conference Declaration commits participants to defending and promoting FoRB as a universal, inalienable and non-derogable human right for all persons, as individuals and in community with others, through their work and respective institutions, by sharing information and mobilizing effective responses.
Fire season and prairie forb richness in a 21year experiment.
There was also less perennial grass and forb cover in the Northwest area.
Aquatic species accounted for 1.9%, forbs 1.1%, and grasses at 0.9%.
Look for them before the grass and the forbs get too tall.
Vegetative features Baird's Chestnut-collared Sparrow Longspur Mean vegetation height (cm) 14-30 15-23 Maximum height (cm) 30-43 unknown Visual obstruction reading (cm) 6-21 6 Forb cover (%) 25 6-18 Shrub cover (%) 1-20 [less than or equal to] 3 Bare ground (%) unknown 1-15 Litter depth (cm) <4 2 Vegetative features Dickcissel Mean vegetation height (cm) 20-98 Maximum height (cm) 150 Visual obstruction reading (cm) 14-82 Forb cover (%) 3-60 Shrub cover (%) [less than or equal to] 11 Bare ground (%) [less than or equal to] 16 Litter depth (cm) [less than or equal to] 5
Individual planted prairie grass and forb species showed varying establishment successes (Table 2).