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FORDFix or Repair Daily (car slang)
FORDFirst on Race Day
FORDForward Industries, Inc (stock symbol)
FORDFamily, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams (small talk technique)
FORDForeign Office Research Department (UK)
FORDForum for the Restoration of Democracy-People (Kenya)
FORDFoundation for Rural Development (Mexico)
FORDFermental Order of Renaissance Draughtsmen (homebrew club; Michigan)
FORDFloating Ocean Research and Development (Station)
FORDFunctional Objectives Requirements Document
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Ford leaped into the air with a "You don't say so!" and the next moment, with both hands, was shaking Martin's hand effusively.
Ford led him into the general office, where he introduced him to the associate editor, Mr.
Ford started anew to tell how he had first read "The Ring of Bells," and Mr.
Anne had not noticed Owen Ford's ears, but she did see his teeth, as his lips parted over them in a frank and friendly smile.
She greeted Owen Ford with cold civility, and told him in a business-like tone that his room and his supper were ready for him.
Ford! You--YOU haven't broken YOUR leg or--or anything, have you?" she gasped.
Paul Ford's eyes left the leaf and gazed wonderingly into Pollyanna's merry little face.
Paul Ford's study that evening the minister sat thinking.
"They are very quick in these parts," said Ford, turning to Alleyne.
"You may take it as it comes," said Ford carelessly.
One morning it was known that work was stopped at the Devil's Ford Ditch--temporarily only, it was alleged, and many of the old workmen simply had their labor for the present transferred to excavating the river banks, and the collection of vast heaps of "pay gravel." Specimens from these mounds, taken from different localities, and at different levels, were sent to San Francisco for more rigid assay and analysis.
They missed at first, I fear, the chivalrous and loyal devotion that had only amused them at Devil's Ford, and were the more inclined, I think, to distrust the conscious and more civilized gallantry of the better dressed and more carefully presented men they met.