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Throwing these into distance, rose, in the foreground, a head,--a colossal head, inclined towards the iceberg, and resting against it.
When I told you the conclusions at which I had arrived, I put in the foreground that Mimi Watford should, for the sake of her own safety, be removed--and that the monster which had wrought all the harm should be destroyed.
The foreground, to the footlights, was covered with emerald green cloth.
The vases on the stone terrace in the foreground catch the rain all day; and the heavy drops fall--drip, drip, drip--upon the broad flagged pavement, called from old time the Ghost's Walk, all night.
In the foreground was a group of palm-trees, and under them were resting two Arabs and some camels.
Easily, and without correction by reason, her imagination made pictures, superb backgrounds casting a rich though phantom light upon the facts in the foreground.
Sometimes, as in the charming little book we wish now to introduce, unclerical human nature occupies the foreground almost exclusively; though priestly faces will still be found gazing upon us from time to time.
The tactics discussed above are used to deviate from the conventional lecture format, thus helping to foreground the lecture as a whole.
But astronomers saw no trace of foreground objects.
This is defined by a process selected from the group consisting of a mill engraving technique and an acid engraving technique and the foreground pattern being formed by a routing engraved portion of a cylinder or roll.
Keywords: Object proposal, foreground seed, two-stage cascaded ranking, parametric min-cuts