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FIFinland (top level domain)
FIFuel Injection/Injected
FIForget It
FIFilm Industry
FIFourth International
FIFranklin Institute (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
FIFinnish (linguistics)
FIFarm-In (oil & gas)
FIFixed Income
FIFire Island (New York)
FIFinancial Institution
FIForced Induction (automotive)
FIFactory Installed
FIFamily Income
FIFalse Information
FIFecal Incontinence
FIIcelandair (IATA airline code)
FIFunctional Integration (Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education)
FIForza Italia (Italian political party founded by Silvio Berlusconi)
FIField Intensity
FIFiscal Intermediary
FIFood Intake
FIForeign Intelligence
FIFlight Instructor
FIFox Island (Washington)
FIFranciscans International
FIFeministiskt Initiativ (Swedish: Feministic Initiative; political party)
FIFinancial Investigation (various locations)
FIField Interview
FIForce Impulse
FIFatherhood Initiative
FIFocused Improvement
FIFlow Index
FIFatigue Index (aircraft or medicine)
FIFake Intelligence
FIFinal Inspection
FIFailure Identification
FIFouling Index (silt density)
FIForesight Institute
FIFirenze - Florence (Tuscany, Italy)
FIFinancial Intermediary
FIFienden (Norwegian military jargon for Enemy)
FIFault Isolation
FIFormat Identifier
FIField Ionization
FIFishers Island (New York)
FIField Inspection
FIFlow Indicator (industrial control description)
FIFast Infoset (binary encoding format for the XML Information Set)
FIFlugfélag Íslands (Iceland)
FIFinancial Investor
FIFracture Index
FIFighter Interceptor
FIFacility Inspection
FIFormal Inspection
FIField Instruction (contracting)
FIForce Integration
FIFinance Corps (US Army)
FIFormat Indicator
FIFertility Index (animal science)
FIFranciscans of the Immaculate (religious order)
FIFarmland Industries, Inc.
FIFlow Instability
FIFailure Intensity
FIFluorescence Index
FIFlippin' Idiot
FIFederation Intelligence (forum)
FIFlame Ionization Unit
FIFarmakope Indonesia
FIField Interrogation Card
FIFloodplain Interaction
FIFreakinsomniacs (blog site)
FIFelsic Index (geology)
FIFiring Interlock
FIFigueira Industries (Portugal)
FIFunny Indefinites
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Among these is a new requirement that in a predicated criminal investigation an investigation with an elevated factual foundation the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) apply for and obtain an order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court before accessing the contents of section 702 acquired communications that were retrieved using certain United States person query terms.
Bruno Kahl, the president of Germany's foreign intelligence agency Bundesnachrichtendienst, (http://www.
Still, she succeeds in making intelligible the evolution of the legal framework put in place since the 1970s to guide the collection of intelligence, especially foreign intelligence.
In a 2008 document, the NSA's Global Capabilities Manager for Countering Foreign Intelligence ranks Israel as the third-biggest perpetrator of spying against the US, behind only Russia and China.
To boil a complex program down to a brief description, Section 702 authorizes the government to collect electronic and telephone communications of specific foreigners located outside the United States whom the government believes will communicate foreign intelligence information.
CAIRO - Egypt said Thursday that foreign intelligence services were prime suspects in an attack last week that killed 22 soldiers near its border with restive Libya.
Its main functions were foreign intelligence and counterintelligence, as well as combating nationalism, dissent and anti-Soviet activities.
Both the White House and the US State Department have not uttered a single word on the arrest in Germany of a spy for Washington who was working with Berlin's foreign intelligence agency.
David Medine, a former government privacy lawyer who chairs the board, said NSA's Internet surveillance was found to have been ''valuable and effective for protecting the national security and producing foreign intelligence information.
On May 24, 2006, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC)
Even if the American citizen living in a foreign country - possibly in his country of birth - is very much involved in that country's defense, national security or foreign affairs, areas the NSA is much interested on behalf of the US administration, under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), the NSA is prohibited from bringing him under surveillance.
Chaired by President Hamid Karzai, the NSC said a Pakistani diplomat had been seen making a video of the hotel's corridors before the attack -- the handiwork of foreign intelligence networks.
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