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FFFast Forward
ffAnd the Following Pages
FFFirefox (open source Mozilla-based browser)
FFForm Feed
FFFinal Fantasy (game)
FFFinal Fantasy
FFFan Fiction
FFFantasy Football
FFFighting Fantasy (gamebook series)
FFFantastic Four
FFFetish Factory (retailer)
FFFast Food
FFFull Force (Jedi Knight game)
FFFat Free
FFFamily Finance (college course)
FFFederal Funds
FFFrozen Fury (gaming clan)
FFFull Frame (photography)
FFFilozofska Fakulteta (Faculty of Arts; Ljubljana, Slovenia)
FFFully Fashioned (nylon stockings)
FFFinal Fight (video game)
FFFully Functional
FFFear Factory (band)
FFFianna Fail (Irish Political Party)
FFFortress Forever (game mod)
FFFinal Fortress (Lineage 2 game)
FFFiat Forum (online car forum)
FFFilter Factory
FFFeeding Frenzy (gaming)
FFFilefront (gaming website)
FFFabric Filter (emission control device for coal fired power plants)
FFFatal Frame (game)
FFFinal Frontier (gaming)
FFFuel Flow
FFFrou Frou (band)
FFFeed Forward
FFFamily Feud (TV game show)
FFFonky Family (French rap group)
FFFear Factor (TV show)
FFFully Furnished
FFFill Factor (solar cell parameter)
FFUnd Folgende (German: and following)
FFFatal Fury (anime/game)
FFFuel Fabrication
FFFar Field
FFFunctional Food
FFFull Funding
FFField Format
FFFeeling Fine
FFFederal Facility
FFFancy Feast (cat food)
FFFatally Flawed
FFFeet Forward (bike, scooter, motorcycle)
FFFull Forward (Australian football position)
FFFranc Français (French Franc)
FFFaerie Fire (gaming, World of Warcraft)
FFFront-Engine Front-Wheel Drive
FFFat Finger
FFFrozen Fire (German online-gaming clan)
FFFashion Freak
FFFull Faced (pipe gasket)
FFFamily Fortunes
FFFast Flash
FFFuzz Face (guitar effect pedal)
FFFrostfire (game)
FFFactory Finish
FFFast Frigate
FFFein-Fein (German: extra fine)
FFFinish-to-Finish (work-management relationship)
FFFerguson Formula (Jensen automobile)
FFFollow Friday (twitter)
FFFlesh Field (band)
FFFull Floater (truck axle)
FFFiend Folio (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
FFFull-Fed (animal science)
FFFarm Foundation
FFFiamma Fumana (band)
FFFinished Floor Elevation (architectural/civil drafting)
FFFire & Forget
FFFinal Frenzy (Lineage 2 game)
FFFinstere Flure (game)
FFFurious Force
FFFlight Ferry
FFFuel Failure
FFFallen Footwear (shoe company)
FFFoolish Four (Motley Fool investment strategy)
FFForce Forfeit (online games)
FFFast Fortress (Age of Empires 3 gaming)
FFFailure Factor
FFFatal Forces (gaming clan)
FfFatigue Correction Factor (US DoD)
FFnavy fast frigate (US DoD)
FFFuchs Friends (online community)
FFFelles Forbundet (Norwegian labour union)
FFFrango Frito (Portuguese: fried chicken)
FFFunfonex (Finnish gaming site)
FFFilters Fast LLC (Monroe, North Carolina)
FFFreestyle Factory (Sweden; est. 2006)
FFFulton Factor
FFFraction or Finish
FFFilii Fabricaverunt (Latin: His/Her Sons Built, epigraphy)
FFForced Fluids (medical care)
FFFord Fiesta (car)
FFFindhorn Foundation
FFFlavor Flav (hip-hip)
FFFrench Fries
FFFlight Following
FFFluid Fantasy (forum)
FFFord Forums
FFFleet Foxes (band)
FFFocus Fire (gaming, Warcraft or Starcraft)
FFFirst Flowering
FFForm Factor
FFFontfont (typeface library)
FFFord Field (Detroit, MI, USA)
FFFirst Fit (IEEE)
FFFootball's Future (online community)
FFFirst Friday
FFFreedom Forum
FFForward Flight (remote control aircraft hobby)
FFForce Field
FFFossil Fuel
FFFloor Flatness (concrete construction)
FFFree Fluid (medicine)
FFFreiwillige Feuerwehr (German: Voluntary Fire Brigade)
FFFlat File
FFFit Factor
FFFreedom Force (game)
FFFridley Factors (Minnesota wiffleball league)
FFFrosted Flakes (cereal)
FFFreight Forward
FFFreight Forwarder
FFFrench Franc
FFFriends Forever
FFFixed Filter (RSVP)
FFFlame Failure
FFFlash and Flow
FFFortissimo (music)
FFFoundation Fieldbus
FFFrame Format
FFFree Flight
FFFree Fall
FFFord Foundation
FFFirst Flight (tail symbol for the 1st Fighter Wing at Langley AFB, VA)
FFFriendly Fire
FFFood Fight
FFFoo Fighters (band)
FFFriendship Force
FFFlagrant Foul (basketball)
FFFranz Ferdinand (band)
FFForced Fumble (football)
FFFoot Fault (bowling)
FFFootball Field
FFFreedom Front (South Africa)
FFFright Fest
FFFixed Focus (optics, cameras)
FFFinance Forward
FFFlat Faced (pipe flange)
FFFraud Forum (GSM Association)
FFFitness Friend
FFForce Feedback (joysticks/wheels for games)
FFFree-Floating (Rifle Barrel)
FFFrequent Flyer
FFFreedom Fighter (video game)
FFFounding Father (educational slang)
FFFrostfell (gaming, Asheron's Call)
FFFormula Fed (parenting)
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Spokesman Owen Byrne explained: "The last forfeit stage for the Guineas should be two and a half weeks prior to the race, but that puts it before the Craven and Newbury Guineas trials, which wouldn't work.
The forfeits put Arkansas-Fort Smith at 4-22 overall and 23 in the Bi-State Conference East Division.
Two days before the teams' first game, YULA officially decided to forfeit the games.
The district court had rejected the prosecutors' demand that Kajiyama forfeit the 5.
As a result, Tim will forfeit any appreciated value in the shares, but for tax purposes he will not recognize any compensation income as part of the transaction.
There were only 14 defections at the first forfeit.
Ian George Marson, aged 28, of Hermes Crescent, Henley Green, Coventry, possession of cannabis, a controlled class B drug, one day's detention and ordered to forfeit the cannabis for destruction.
If small market teams could simply forfeit away games sans penalty, the George Steinbrenners of the sport would be quick to offer them a cut of local revenues.
relinquish or waive the option of proceeding against the defendants or their property to allow the United States to forfeit the assets;
Aguayo (TFS) 3:34; 285 -- McNicholas (M) wins by forfeit.
JUSTICE Saliu Saidu of a Federal High Court in Lagos on Tuesday ordered Clement Onubuogo a serving Permanent Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, to permanently forfeit to the Federal Government the sums of N664,475,246.
It said that the Board deliberated the matter and decided to forfeit the Trading Rights Entitlement (TRE) Certificate of MAM under clause 20.