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FOSSILFido/Opus/Seadog Standard Interface Layer
FOSSILForming Substrate Into Solid Immersion Lens
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I say, that when a man endures patiently what ought to be unendurable, he is a fossil.
Consequently evidence of their former existence could be found only amongst fossil remains, which are preserved, as we shall in a future chapter attempt to show, in an extremely imperfect and intermittent record.
Hence the chance of discovering species with transitional grades of structure in a fossil condition will always be less, from their having existed in lesser numbers, than in the case of species with fully developed structures.
Amongst existing Vertebrata, we find but a small amount of gradation in the structure of the eye, and from fossil species we can learn nothing on this head.
We told him not to be afraid, but to speak the plain truth: Was it the fossil of a pre-Adamite whale, or was it an early Roman coffin?
And Chris adds: "Your first fossil find may be the start of a journey taking you to all sorts of exciting places.
Ahi Sema Issever, from the Department of Radiology at Charite Campus Mitte in Berlin, said the method of printing fossils is important because the "risk of harming the fossil is minimal".
The fossil islander triggered an unusually vitriolic scientific dispute within months of her discovery.
Longrich studied an Archaeopteryx fossil that had been found in 1877.
Many scientists also say that global warming, caused largely by burning fossil fuels, is having dire consequences on worldwide weather patterns and sea levels.
Roeder is responsible for collecting fossil bones and teeth of more than 130 extinct animals.
You stumble across an unusual fossil that will stun the world.