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4DFourth Dimension
4DFourth District (Washington, DC police)
4DDemonstration Duty (police incident report; New Zealand)
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Adams [7] defined that the four-dimensional infinite matrix A = ([a.sub.mnkl]) is called a triangular matrix if [a.sub.mnkl] = 0 for k > m or l > n or both.
The short time behavior, corresponding to dimensional reduction observed in the four-dimensional case, is due to the discrete nature of the network.
Because four-dimensional Lorenz-Stenflo system is a famous four-dimensional chaotic system, we modify four-dimensional Lorenz-Stenflo system as a study example.
Accuracy of four-dimensional spatiotemporal image correlation echocardiography in the prenatal diagnosis of congenital heart defects.
2a and 2b, is a well known practice in the graphical representation of four-dimensional spacetime, exemplified by the modern Minkowski diagrams [3].
The new extension will feature a four-dimensional theatre to take visitors on a "magical journey through Beatles' music".
It might help if I give you a recipe for building what I am trying to describe: instructions for making a (three-dimensional representation of a) tesseract or hypercube, or the four-dimensional equivalent of a cube.
The eruption took place just days after scientists from the National Geophysical and Vulcanology Institute in Pisa unveiled the first four-dimensional simulation of the effects of an eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
PlugInkSavein uses four-dimensional color management techniques to reduce the amount of cyan, magenta, and yellow ink required in process-color printing and to maximize the amount of less expensive black ink -- without affecting image quality or appearance.
Albert Einstein predicted the existence of these waves in his general theory of relativity, which unifies time and space into a four-dimensional space-time.
The Ultra-Pro II needle guidance system is specifically designed to be used with Siemens C5F1 and C7F2 four-dimensional transducers on the SONOLINE[TM] Antares ultrasound system.