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4DFourth Dimension
4DFourth District (Washington, DC police)
4DDemonstration Duty (police incident report; New Zealand)
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Army Research Office awarded the group a grant of $850,000 to create materials printed in 3-D but incorporating a fourth dimension, shape change.
The author admits that the fourth dimension has a robust history of representation in science fiction.
To translate the spatial symmetry of a regular crystal into the fourth dimension, the atoms in such a "time crystal" would have to continuously rotate and return to their original location.
My claim is that Eisenstein's idea of cinema as a fourdimensional space expressed in his articles for Close Up draws both on Einstein's theory of relativity and Ouspensky's theory of the fourth dimension. Eisenstein's aesthetics of overtonal montage are explained and then used to analyse Borderline and its preoccupation with cinematic space.
(Stojkovic thinks a fourth dimension already may have opened at large, cosmological scales.)
Fourth Dimension, a leading Saudi computer assembly company, has unveiled a new family of Leeno Mini PC Nettop computers.
Course specialist Fourth Dimension has an impressive four wins from five starts at Yarmouth.
Yarmouth stage a tricky card, on which Fourth Dimension makes plenty of appeal in the concluding digibet Handicap.
This insistence that Figure 1 is not a cube but merely a representation of one may seem a little pedantic yet it is critical for understanding about shapes, and for allowing us to try to imagine the fourth dimension.
Shadows of reality; the fourth dimension in relativity, cubism, and modern thought.
Mathematical achievements such as concepts of irrational numbers, imaginary numbers, the infinitesimal, the fourth dimension, periodic space, and more are explored in terms accessible to lay readers, and their intersection with art, literature, philosophy, and physics among other disciplines is laid bare.
Culture is the fourth dimension in building Europe -- in addition to the economic, environmental and social dimensions.