FPMPFinely Parallel Multithreaded Processor (computing)
FPMPForest Planning and Management Project (UK and Belize)
FPMPFaculty Practice Management Plan (University of Buffalo; Buffalo, NY)
FPMPFrontal Peak Motor Potential
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The FPMP shall be implemented for a period of three years and shall establish a Fire Protection Service (FPS) to all local government units without existing fire protection services.
Moreover, FPMP shall upgrade fire protection equipment, and establish training facilities including personnel development program from internationally accredited training consultants and advisers if experts of equal qualification cannot be obtained locally.
appeared in an Option Paper prepared by unnamed FPMP personnel.
As the FPMP conducted its studies, Congress worked on several
The plans will adhere to the FPMP Guidelines 2018 and reflect the constraints and opportunities of the forests
*Raise the capacity of local and municipal staff to conduct FPMP planning and to conduct quality control tasks related to it.