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FRAEFairness, Race Awareness and Equality Fife (Scotland, UK)
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The fact is, dear Woman Frae the Cooncil, the Weeds Act (1959) has rarely, if ever, been used to force householders to tidy up their scruffy gardens; rather, it relates to farmland, public spaces and railway embankments.
Derrick McClure, "The Puddocks and The Burdies 'by Aristophanes and Douglas Young in Frae Ither Tougues: Essays on Modern Translations into Scots, ed.
Sometimes the conditions between men and fairies become strained and the fairies jist close themsels hinnie awa frae mankind.
We twa hae paidl'd in the burn frae morning sun till dine,
The validity of this argument, however, would be stronger if the amount fined was higher, but the median frae is $500--hardly enough to implement probation as a way to collect.
The frae is the largest civil penalty ever levied against a pipeline operator under the federal pipeline safety program.
The Murrayfield crowd of 28,626 gathered to honour the memory of Gordon Brown were treated to a feast of rugby that 'Broon frae Troon' would have revelled in as the Barbarians ran out 74-31 victors over Scotland.
Each of these criteria were composed of a range of sub-criteria that gave frae detail to the criteria.
8:03/2 Polwart on the Green At Polwart on the green If you'll meet me the morn, Where lasses do convene To dance about the thorn, A kindly welcome you shall meet Frae her wha likes to view A Lover and a Lad compleat, The Lad and Lover you.
So, they contacted graduates from Laval University who left the province, and considered offering them such incentives as cars, homes and competitive salaries, along with a slower paced lifestyle - no rush hours, smaller city convenience, with nearby canoeing, fishing, as well as frae restaurants.
And the final verse is truly subversive: "When I am deed and you are deed,/ And both o's in ane grave O,/ They would need to see wi' very clear een,/ To tell your mould frae mine O.