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FRAGFragmentation Grenade
FRAGFragmentation Code (US DoD)
FRAGFédération des Radioamateurs de la Gironde (French amateur radio federation)
FRAGFlash Red and Green (Xbox game)
FRAGFlorida Resident Assistance Grant
FRAGFlaps, Radio, Air-Conditioning, and Gear (aviation slang)
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Despite these rules, it appears that at least one special operations member threw a deadly fragmentation grenade into the room where Ms.
Confiscated from him was a .45 caliber pistol, ammunition, a fragmentation grenade, passport and money in various currencies.
Recovered from the crime scene were two ISIS flags, Cal 45.pistol loaded with six ammunition, three fired cartridge cases, a fired cartridge case of 9mm, two pieces fragmentation grenade, and improvised explosive device (IED) components.
Meanwhile, a non- fragmentation grenade was also found inside the compound of Tarragona Mayor Nestor Uy.
Investigators determined that the blast was caused by a fragmentation grenade. It went off outside the establishment's entrance, police said.
The project follows on from work undertaken by Australian Munitions during its rapid development of a blast variant of the current Australian in-service fragmentation grenade to meet an urgent operational requirement in 2011.
He is then believed to have thrown a fragmentation grenade at her captors, which exploded next to her.
They found in the Indonesian's possession a .45 caliber pistol loaded with seven bullets, a fragmentation grenade, a passport and money of different currencies.
Government troopers recovered from the rebel-vacated positions three magazines of an M-16 rifle containing 25 ammunition, three M-14 rifle live ammunition, an unexploded fragmentation grenade without a safety pin, an electrical wire, an empty shell of an M-203 grenade launcher, one bandoleer, assorted medicines, a sling bag, and a brown bull cap.
He said a firefight erupted after the suspects lobbed a fragmentation grenade at the advancing government forces who returned fire and killed Taib while his five others cohorts managed to escape.
The former rebels turned over one M1 carbine rifle, one 9mm improvised Uzi, one fragmentation grenade, and two improvised explosive devices.