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FRATFirst Response Assault & Tactical
FRATFuzzy Reasoning Adaptive Thresholding (NASA nonexclusive patent license agreements)
FRATFree Radical Assay Technique
FRATFriendly Radio Amateur Team (Toledo, Ohio)
FRATFirst Responder Automated Data Tool
FRATFrankfurt Air Terminal
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I prefer the FAAST FRAT because of its simplicity and the ability to download and use before every flight.
Frat assassins nowadays take pleasure in inflicting fatal injuries on neophytes.
Another fun scene involves the frat guys trying their hand at Robert de Niro impressions.
For example, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has developed a Light Business Airplane Operations Manual Template containing a FRAT.
Meanwhile in America, the frat boys who give Borat a ride explain to him that America is run by "the Jews" and minorities.
It's become a ritual of latenight talk shows to turn presidential candidates into stock characters like Bush the Dumb Frat Boy, Gore the Know-It-All Stiff, Clinton the Gluttonous Lecher, or Reagan the Amiable Dunce.
Additional banquets and receptions--including "The NADC Frat Party" on Monday evening--are certain to keep the convention lively for attendees.
Let's say you're a couple of frat boys out on a midnight beer run.
Inmates of the outwardly benign environment at company HQ in Redmond, Washington, where everyone walked around in casual clothes, were imbued with a supremely aggressive culture--"the frat house," as Heilemann notes, "from another planet," So insulated were they that they genuinely could not understand why So many people hated and feared the company they worshiped.
CRAIG Williams rode a sparkling treble at Sha Tin on Saturday, which he initiated on dirt winner Projectvision and completed on the turf aboard the three-year-olds Gallant Horse and Frat Rat.
In a page B1 piece on 2/22/2K, Street Journal reports on marketing practices at Abercrombie & Fitch: "Its quarterly catalog and magazine routinely runs fleshy photos of frat boys and co-eds in compromising poses.