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FOIRFreedom of Information Request
FOIRFlorida Office of Insurance Regulation
FOIRForum of Indian Regulators (India)
FOIRFriends of the Illinois River (Springfield, IL)
FOIRFixed Obligation to Income Ratio (loan eligibility assessment)
FOIRFirst-Off Inspection Report (materials and products analysis)
FOIRField of Interest Register
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In total, 34 forces replied to the Freedom of Information request revealing that 22% of requests were granted on average.
SIR - I have filed a freedom of information request to Caerphilly County over the closure of Cefn Road, Blackwood.
The bonuses were reported in the Broadcast magazine, following a Freedom of Information request. The BBC denied payment details had been hidden away from public knowledge
A Freedom of Information request was sent to NHS Kirklees - the body responsible for organising healthcare in the district - regarding services at Holme Valley Memorial Hospital.
The catalogue of theft from police stations was revealed in a Freedom of Information request.
A Freedom of Information request revealed Britain's biggest police force was caught up in 12,649 accidents over that period.
The figures were obtained in a freedom of information request made by the Conservatives.
The Freedom of Information Request submitted by The Examiner was turned down due to the information 'not being easily retrievable' and the cost of collecting the information being over the FOI threshold.
The amount spent in 2010-11 was almost half the budget for 2006-07, figures obtained through a Freedom of Information request revealed.
A freedom of information request by the Forum of Private Business showed that none of the 32 local authorities in Scotland had paid all of their bills within the 10-day target.
A total of 103 of the 147 NHS trusts that provide maternity services responded to a freedom of information request from the Tories.
Details of his salary have always been kept secret but have now been revealed in a Freedom of Information request.
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