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FRETFluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer
FRETFörster Resonance Energy Transfer
FRETFugitive Recovery Enforcement Team
FRETFederal Retail Excise Tax
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This result implies that great care must be taken in interpreting results from this and other FRET probes.
Le gouvernement federal assure qu'a partir de maintenant aucun fret en provenance du Yemen n'arrivera plus en Allemagne", a declare le ministre apres la decouverte a Dubai et en Grande-Bretagne de deux colis pieges venant du Yemen et destines aux Etats-Unis.
On screen an extended guitar neck is shown scrolling towards the player, and as the song progresses, coloured markers indicating notes travel down the screen towards a fret line in time with the music.
This is accomplished by fretting the second string at the third fret (push your finger down just behind, rather than on, the metal strip itself, so that the string is pressed against the third space on the neck).
For the first biosensor, the FRET technique is incorporated into an immunosensor design and utilized to detect calpastatin.
Logitech Wireless Guitar, Premiere Edition Features Wood Neck, Rosewood Fingerboard, Metal Frets, Gig Bag
This is the supply, installation and commissioning of 1 set of spectral confocal microscopy 34 channel detection module flim / fret tcspc (time-correlated-single-photon-counting) of 4 channels to drive digital microscopy advanced irb barcelona.
However, FRET signals are difficult to interpret due to weak signal strength and limited dynamic range.
TICK, TICK, TICK: If you missed the four-hour, two-night season premiere of ``24,'' don't fret.
The chaotic start to the British Flat season took another turn yesterday when Brighton was abandoned owing to sea fret.
Also to his preference, the unfinished neck was wider and flatter; Eddie also replaced the original frets with larger fret wire.
beaucoup moins que]Le specialiste tunisien du fret a obtenu son certificat d'exploitation aerienne (AOC) aupres du ministere tunisien du Transport en octobre dernier, dit encore la meme source.