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FRIARFlood Recovery, Innovation and Response (UK)
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A short abstract of its contents will show its similarity to the meeting of King Richard and Friar Tuck.
It would seem that the manuscript is here imperfect, for we do not find the reasons which finally induce the curtal Friar to amend the King's cheer.
Sancho Panza, when he saw the friar on the ground, dismounting briskly from his ass, rushed towards him and began to strip off his gown.
While they were thus talking there appeared on the road two friars of the order of St.
There lives a curtall friar in Fountain's Abbey--Tuck, by name--who can beat both him and you," he said.
By our Lady," he said, "I'll neither eat nor drink till I see this same friar.
Then the constable said again, "Whither goest thou, holy friar, upon this hot summer's day?
See here," said the friar, taking the frame from her hand, "an intricate winding of gaudy colours, without purpose or object, unless it be that one day it is destined for some vain ornament, to minister to the pride of your frail and giddy sex.
The four elder sisters cast down their eyes as if abashed by the holy man's reproof, but Alice raised hers, and bent them mildly on the friar.
The way she tells it, Friars Pardon was a sort of Moloch.
There were many good men among the despised monks and friars, bishops and archbishops.
The same evening Turlington was at his office in Austin Friars, investigating the state of affairs, with his head clerk to help him.